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  • Marc Spess

Our One Man Show is now a Two Man Show!

Okay technically we are almost never a one man operation. Any time I have a client I consider them an integral part of making a sculpture to their specific needs. Then there are the people who turn my sculptures into masterpieces with paint, fiberglass, costuming, elbow grease and much more. However we now have a temporary intern who goes by the name Michael (AKA Zirem).

As part of a college course, Michael is a temporary remote intern. His duty is to turn roughly 12-15 3-D models I've made into rendered turn table animations. ZBrush has many limitations when it comes to creating rendered pieces. Michael has a roster of supplied programs and computers to render the heads in a much nicer way than before. The plan is to use them as part of a promotional video for the front page of our page.

Here is an impressive first test of Julie Newmar he worked on. The plan is to paint the eyes realistically before the animation is undertaken.

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