UPDATED Nov 30th, 2022


This schedule is subject to change because sometimes clients want changes and real life can get in the way. As for now, here they are as follows:

- Greg - Sculpting Elvis (wrapping up soon....)

- Robert - Loni Anderson head mold and 3X casting (waiting for print to arrive)

- Robert - Ann Margaret head mold and 3X castings (currently molding...)

- Robert - 1X Adrienne casting (done)

- Greg - Unknown sculpt

- Robert - Frankenstein sculpt (Roberts) to be prepared for printing/molding (waiting for file from client)

- Adina - Grogu Armature #2 (wooden/wire construction)

- Niels - Buddhist monk likeness and attachment to 3D body for printing

- Greg - Wrapping up Elon Musk (client put this on hold due to the latest Elon news)

- Sculpt for Facebook Mannequin group (if no other jobs available)

*Projects are done on a first come first serve basis. If interested just send me a message in our contact area for questions or requests. I will respond as soon as I can.