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About Marc


Hi I'm Marc and I've been sculpting for over 30 years. Sculpting was always something I had a passion for since I was very young.


I started out in the clay animation industry, creating stop motion puppets, sets and props for different studios. The first was John Lemmon Films and then I worked with Webster Colcord of Will Vinton Studios in Portland. Some popular projects were for the Cartoon Network and Warner Brothers.


After freelancing in that field I worked in the candy die industry, sculpting Disney Sweet Tart candies of various characters. This was where I honed many of my skills because the company had very strict sculpting guidelines for their engineering products.

Today I sculpt digitally in ZBrush, 3D print the sculptures, mold and cast them. You may have seen some of my sculpts at the Batman 66 Exhibit in Hollywood. As long as there is good reference material, anything can be materialized. If you need a sculpture, just contact me and let's see what we can do together.

Contact Marc Here:

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