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Process of Creating a Likeness and How to Buy

Marc first sculpts a likeness in ZBrush

Heads are 3D printed, molded and cast for attachment to a mannequin.

David Costa then adds eyes and paints the mannequin to match the person.

The process of creating a full scale sculpted likeness is a team effort. The full scale displays you see on this page were made by a team of three separate artists. Marc does not create the mannequin displays from start to finish. What Marc can do for you is...

- Sculpt an accurate likeness of the person you are interested in using photographic reference. Marc can also sculpt characters based on your designs, they don't have to be human!

- Have these sculptures 3D printed in any scale from 1:1 to 1:6 or beyond.

- Make specialized realistic full scale teeth, jewelry or accessories where needed.

- Mold and cast the likeness in plastic resin to be attached to a mannequin/doll/figure etc.

- Sculpt various physical modifications to mannequins such as detail worn areas, fix cracked parts or build up areas to your specifications.

*Note: Certain sculptures you find in our gallery may be available!

For above options, contact Marc for pricing and questions call 417-402-7516 or write me at:


The heads are usually sent to separate freelance artist Greg Maraio. Greg has his own prices and charges separately from Marc. Greg can...

- Attach the head to a suitable mannequin body of your choosing (or with help). He can also mold and cast 3D printed heads depending on the job.

- Create a custom wig to match the persons hair style

- Design and create clothing or costumes

See Gregs work on his Instagram page by clicking here.

For these options, pricing and questions contact Greg at:

Marc recommends freelance David Costa to paint full scale mannequin displays. He has many years in the industry with several thousand mannequins professionally painted.


David has his own prices and charges separately from Marc and Greg. Please keep in mind he may turn down some jobs depending on his work load as he is always very busy. David's services include...

- Paint your mannequin according to the details you request. He can paint in any skin tone from light to dark, freckled or flawless.

See Davids work on his Instagram page by clicking here.

For professional paint work, contact David by calling: 713-695-9613

Can Marc only make portrait sculpts? Absolutely not! Marc can sculpt just about anything you need, including toy figures, stop motion related replacement parts, characters based on drawings and much more.


Just ask Marc and let's work something out!

Dominos Pizza Noid mascot made in ZBrush by Marc Spess.

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