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  • Marc Spess

Funky Clown Clay Stop Motion Puppet

Here are some photos that I took from my latest stop motion puppet making venture. The client sent a photo of the design which I had to match.

In order to make the puppet light weight and not fully made of clay, I opted to 3-D print the basic shapes. The head is able to swivel for animation and the holes are for wire and a brass tube. The tube can be used to levitate the puppet for animation.

This was the 3-D print below.

This was the finished puppet, the client only had me change his hair color to a darker green. He has a few different replacement mouths. He also has feet that accept tie downs so he won't slide around on the clients set.

At one point the puppet needed to cut off his own face, so a replacement head was in order. This is the faceless version, he's now ready to animate!

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