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Famke Janssen, Ming-Na Wen and Ron Rubin Meets their Sculpts!

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Greg Maraio, who is our client (and great artist in his own right) brought several of our sculpts to the Rhode Island Comic Con. He sent us some photos to share.

First was Ming-Na Wen who played Chun-Li in Street Fighter. Greg made her outfit, I did the sculpt and David Costa the paint work.

Ron Rubin who voiced many iconic cartoon characters in X-Men and Sailor Moon posed with the head Marc sculpted for the Morph statue Greg created. Greg painted him up to look like a cel animated still.

Famke Janssen was also a guest and had two of our sculpts behind her. According to, the Greg, team loved them.

Famke signing the sculpture.

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