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Can Marc Sculpt Other Stuff???

Yes I can! It may seem that all I can do is sculpt portraits of people. But I can in fact sculpt just about anything. If you need a toy figure, something sculpted based on a sketch or maybe a digital asset of some kind - ask me.

The main reason you see so many mannequins is that I've made a name for myself in the niche mannequin industry. I've sculpted likenesses originally for the famous New York Christmas display that Gary Garabedian created with his family. Since then I've worked with other clients who saw my previous work and then they saw that work and so on and so on. Everyone now thinks it is all I do, but it is not.

That being said, I'm happy to make anything in any area that requires sculpting. There really are no limits, just contact me with your project and let's talk. My e-mail is

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